Today is December 31st, 2013 which is officially the FINAL day of the Sponsored Life Project. For the last 365 days I dedicated my entire life to living exclusively through only things that I acquired through social media marketing opportunities. This included everything from the food I ate, the entertainment I partook in, the things I wore and the things I used in day to day life. Needless to say, this year has been an incredible challenge and overall, I’m just pretty excited that I made it through the entire year. Over the course of the last 12 months I have learned many lessons. I’ve been happy, sad, depressed, devastated, tired, bored, lonely, excited, uninterested, thrilled, blown away, embarrassed, confident and proud. Usually flying from one mood to another without any kind of stability. As this is my last day, I figure I might as well talk about some of the many lessons and experiences I’ve had.

Colourful 2014 in fiery sparklers

Acquiring Items

When I opted to do this project, I really came at it with a vision in mind of what I hoped it would be. This vision was significantly different than the way the year has played out. First and foremost, I wanted to have a house full of stuff to give away to charity at this point. While I do have a lot of items ranging from coffee machines, microwaves, and blenders, towels, clothing and toys… I really was hoping to have more. Furniture was not something that I was able to make happen in grand scale this year sadly, which was both frustrating and disappointing. It seemed the harder I tried to make things happen – the less often they seemed to deliver. By summer, I had spent hundreds of hours in phone calls, sit down meetings, and in email chains trying to make things happen – and when they wouldn’t work out, my motivation and passion would take a hit. Why was I doing this? Why was I spending so much time and getting nothing in return? Frustrating to say the very least. In that regard, while I do have a significant number of things that I’ve been donating over the last couple weeks (and cleaning up the last of it now), I still feel like in the success there was a lot of failure. But I guess that’s the nature of the experiment.

Pitching Ain’t Easy

When PR, marketers and brands come to you with an opportunity, it is very easy to discuss terms and get a little bit more than what they might be offering initially. They have a mandate to work with you and get coverage for that product, so the wiggle room is there. When you are approaching a company with a pitch, with a pretty crazy concept… the room to negotiate is only ‘down’ from where you are. I’ve come up with so many ideas this year, and had so many of these ideas rejected because it doesn’t fit with their timeframe, their goals, their plans etc. I totally understand that. But being rejected is never easy to take. As previously mentioned, the worst ‘stings’ or rejection were the ones where everyone was excited and a verbal agreement was sort of made – only to have it unravel randomly or at the 11th hour. If you’re planning to pitch outwardly to corporations, you absolutely need to have all your ducks in a row and be ready to negotiate. If you’re rejected, rework it, rewrite it, make it better and try again.


One of the big things I wanted to find out from doing this project was whether or not it could be done. If a blogger wanted to live exclusively through social media, could they do it and be happy? Well, the answer is yes, but it’s also a resounding no. For the simple fact that I am alive today, I have proven that you CAN live through social media product marketing/review opportunities. But, would you ever want to? Absolutely not. I consider myself a pretty dedicated blogger. I enjoy doing it. But what I found was that my love for the project declined for various reasons (some previously discussed) throughout the year. I was unhappy a lot. Especially in the last two months. I was looking at the upcoming finish line and was just counting down the days till it was done. I knew full well that November/December was a great time to be working with brands wanting to get their products out to the masses… but I simply could not build up the desire to push for it. I had mentally checked out. I don’t think anyone could stay focused under these conditions – the desire to go out for a drink, for a meal, to order in, to buy a book you want… and then not being able to is crippling. Then combine that with negativity from others… ugh. So this project is NOT something sustainable in the long run.


Stuff is just Stuff

After having started the year with nothing, and getting to where I am right now… It can’t be stated enough how stuff is just stuff. No one should be basing their value or worth as a person based on the things they own. No one should ever feel like they need to acquire all the things to live a satisfying life. Yes, you absolutely need things like a bed, dishes, cleaning products etc. This isn’t a call for spartan living, but rather a re-evaluation on what you actually have, want and need. In fact, I think everyone would learn what items have value and what items are just taking up space if they lived a month of Sponsored Life. As I look at my boxes that are sitting unopened in my living room, I can’t wait to dig into them and get rid of tons!

The List of Important Stuff Worth Buying

  1. A Chair – Without you will suffer. You don’t realize how important a chair is until you sit on the floor for a couple months.
  2. A Desk/Table – You need somewhere to be productive from, absolutely necessary.
  3. A Bed – I slept on the floor for 7 months, on a blow up mattress for 5, and seemingly slept fine, a bed would increase my number of good night sleeps.
  4. A couple changes of clothes – I basically went the entire year on 4 shirts, 6 tshirts, 3 pairs of jeans, 1 pair of shoes, lots of socks and 5 pairs of boxers. You can only wear one outfit a day, do you really need a closet full?
  5. Cutlery, a plate and a cup/mug – Basically sets us apart from the animals.
  6. A big pot, a pan and a wok – A big pot for making things in bulk, a pan for working with smaller items, a wok is incredibly multipurpose.
  7. TP/Soap/Toothpaste/Other Toiletries – You just shouldn’t live without.
  8. A quality blanket/pillow – If you’re going to splurge on something, do it on something vital to life, quality sleep.
  9. Food – Before spending money on the latest unessential gadget, make sure you’re eating well.
  10. A Computer – The world is online now, and while you don’t need the latest and greatest, I feel you should invest in something that will be useful for many years.

Events and Healthy Living Do Not Get Along

This year I have a attended a lot of events, and one thing that comes with nearly all events is food. However, the kind of food served at events is rarely anything healthy. A lot of deep fried foods, a lot of bite sized calorie explosions, a lot of drinks and a lot of bad decisions easily made. Events are designed to entertain, comfort and luxurious foods are served to help create that atmosphere – but it’s only when you actually count on those meals to live that you realize just how bad they are for you. I’ll be completely honest in saying I’m in the worst shape of my life right now. This year has ran a huge toll on my body. I initially lost weight in the first few months of the project, but as I’m wrapping up I’ve found I gained weight. I feel gross, I feel fat, I feel sick. I don’t feel healthy in general. Morgan Spurlock had horrible results in eating fast food every single meal for a month – well, I’ve gone a year on it. In the new year, I’m very excited to eat healthy, go to a gym, and get into decent shape – because what I am right now feels like garbage.


Storage locker cleared out, tomorrow I get to break into all of this!


You don’t know what you got till it’s gone. I’ve learned to really appreciate everything around me for two reasons… 1, it’s absolutely incredible and 2, I’m incredibly lucky to have it. Around the world there are people who live with nothing, and they live what they would consider good lives. We’re blessed to be living in a 1st world country, especially one like Canada. How many times do you think about a can opener and how easy it makes your life? Imagine, you can just store normally perishable food in your cupboard and then open it with a little tool in under a minute. Amazing. See the lamp overhead or on your desk? You never have to be in the dark because that exists and you own it. The little things in our lives that we never pay any attention to get little credit – but do so much. Appreciate what you have!


Before 2013, I complained a lot about things but I think the reason I was doing it was because I was unhappy. Complaining or outrage is great when there’s something that deeply affects you, but I feel like what a lot of people do is look for things to complain about. They want to be offended, they want to build a powerbase to strike against a company or a person, who, more often than not, made a mistake. Since doing this project, I’ve really learned what things I consider problems and when to raise my voice. The old adage of ‘pick your battles’ is ever more applicable in a world where everyone can have a voice amplified by others. If you get into the place of being known for complaining, it really blackballs your relationships as I learned. Not just because you aren’t any fun to be around, but you also don’t set a good mindset for yourself. In 2013, I’ve made close friends closer and distant colleagues into friends and it’s because I’m not such a maniac as I might have once been.

What’s Next?

While the project has wrapped in terms of the timeframe of actually living it – the project itself isn’t dead. Over the coming days, weeks, months I’ll still have some stuff to share with everyone. While I can’t get into all the particulars of what that means – there are many findings/insights that I want to share. In the short term though, for me the ending of this project means that I have the difficult task of re-entering the job market. Because Sponsored Life was a financial loss, I am now seeking contract work either full/part/contract. I’ve gone back to what I was doing prior to Sponsored Life and have signed a couple contracts for content creation (I’m actually pretty damn good at it.) This is basically a plea that if you know an opportunity, to let me know as I am certainly very hungry!

The First Purchase

A lot of people have asked me what I’m going to buy first come 2014 and I’ve decided what I want. For years, I’ve wanted to rock a cool leather jacket but never felt like I had the confidence to do it. Well, that’s going to change in 2014 and the first thing I’m going to buy out of the gate is a Harley Davidson leather jacket! I’ve had my eye on a few of them now, so next time you see me out – I’ll probably be wearing one of these with pride! Any one you think I’d look best in?



First, I want to thank everyone who made this project possible and that starts with you – the reader. Without you, this project drops off the face of the world. So while I wish I could thank each and everyone of you personally, that would take weeks to do – so instead I offer a broad message intended for each and every one of you – Thank you!

Next, I have to extend my thanks to the sponsoring companies who helped me survive the year! I wouldn’t have been able to make it if you didn’t have a product, event or experience that you needed marketed online. Hopefully some of my readers were interested in your products to buy – but if not, know that any items you provided were taken care of and are now in the hands of people who actually need them.

I also want to thank the PR people who I had the great opportunity to work with this year. PR people often do not get the thanks they actually deserve – either from the brands they work for, or from the bloggers/media they work with. If we worked together over the last year, thank you!

Lastly, I want to thank my entire extended family and friends who helped me get through the toughest of times. My mom, dad, stepdad, sister and brothers were all important parts of keeping me in the game by having some people to talk to about all the things that were going on. My grandparents, on all sides of the family who knew what I was doing but pretty much assumed I was a lunatic (fairly) thank you (especially grandma for all those Sunday dinners.) And to my friends who I’ve had many conversations with over the year, I really appreciate all of your support, encouragement and words of advice – Meg, Val, Casey, Affan, Jaime, Justin x2, Adriann, Calvin, Jules, and Joe, thank you!

I end this project having gained quite a bit out of it. The contacts, friendships and connections I’ve made as a result of this project are incredible valuable to me personally and professionally. The kind of insight I’ve gained into what is important to me, what I consider valuable, what it means to live and what really matters is something I don’t think I would have ever really found if I hadn’t taken this on. I approach the world with an entirely new perspective; with compassion, kindness and excitement about the future. I want to see the best in others and take their successes as a motivation to grow with them (not against them). While I was once considered “controversial”, I’ve moved those discussions into a forum where I can’t be misconstrued or taken out of context (my weekly podcast), I move forward in life a more mature, goal oriented and focused version of myself! 2013 has provided the kind of shake up I needed to figure out things, and now with 2014 on the horizon, I’m excited by what I/you/we can accomplish!

Happy New Years everyone! All the best in 2014 and beyond!

29 Dec 2013

Social Media in Poker

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How it Changed the Game

Staying connected has forever changed the life of the modern man. Social media has assimilated many aspects of our daily lives and it has changed the way we do things and the way we work. Institutions that stood for decades were toppled by change and if you fail to evolve, technology will leave you behind in obscurity. One card game has stood the test of time by constantly evolving and changing with the landscape: poker.

According to expss, poker has been around since the Chinese invented the game around 900 A.D. and very few pastimes can claim the same. When poker was reborn into the modern world due to the popularity of televised tournaments, it has been constantly changing to fit the needs of an ever-growing online community. Apart from the obvious contribution of poker games on social media networking sites, digital word of mouth plays a huge role in marketing poker’s brand of entertainment. Poker is more than just an exciting game; it’s an instant doorway to being a quasi-celebrity.

Poker Chips Social

Overnight successes has become a sort of measuring stick for most people to gauge whether something is worth doing. Traditional Hollywood stars who made it big now share their stage with YouTube sensations and independent movie actors and actresses who were recognized by the online community. In the same way, old school card sharks are now joined at the table by online poker players who qualified through modern channels. The likes of Chris Moneymaker who revolutionized the game by representing online participants paved way for new heroes in the game. Seeing normal people rake in cash is an effective way to draw in customers. Sometimes you don’t even have to show the tournament, Partypoker on Twitter took it to another level by giving followers a blow by blow of each bet, raise and pot status to give potential players a window as to how they stack against professional players when the flop is revealed.

In an article posted on Noobpreneur, Ivan Widjaya explains how social media marketing can be effective and how social media sharing places one brand above the other. Today, online poker is worth “billions and billions”, says Christopher Griffin in an interview with Bloomberg and the U.S. can no longer ignore the large revenues it could be raking in. Poker has been the poster child for the social media’s success in the real world and it will continue to change with the times.

06 Dec 2013

The Final Weeks

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It was one year ago today that I filmed the video and wrote the blog post announcing my intentions for 2013 to live ‘A Sponsored Life’. At that point, nearly all my stuff had been packed up already and while my birthday/Christmas made for an interesting time (in that nearly everything I received from family was immediately put into storage – meaning this year, it’s like two Christmases!) That’s actually a lie because it’s actually going to be more like a million Christmases as I’m getting my normal life back! I still have several blog posts to write from great sponsors from this year, but I wanted to give readers a little update on what will be happening as I transition out of ASLife and back to normal and also some thoughts I want to share – that I imagine I’ll have a lot more the closer we get to December 31st.

First, I’ve already begun to pack the items received this year up and intend to be donating it to several different charities in the coming days. The main reason for this is because I want to have everything donated before Christmas. Naturally, this is a time where people without would like to have some of this stuff and I certainly want to facilitate that. Now, while that is going on – at the same time I’m going to start the process of moving things back into my place. This is because I need to have my storage unit cleared by December 31st. As previously mentioned, I suspect after living without for so long, I’m going to take a good hard look at what’s coming back into the apartment and get rid of plenty! I’m a die hard minimalist now. Regarding Christmas and my Birthday – I will be easing the restrictions of the project in that I will be spending time with family, which includes eating, sleepovers and exchanging gifts.


Now regarding the project, I’ve been asked a lot lately if I got out of it what I wanted. The answer is a definite ‘yes’. I’ve learned more about myself, more about the world of marketing and PR, more about the world of blogging and social media, and more about what it’s like to live with nothing than I ever would have. This is going to be an experience that will be with me for the rest of my life and I’m thrilled to have been able to do it.

I’ll probably get deeper into all of this in a series of posts – but briefly: This project/challenge/lifestyle has not been easy on me. I’ve had more breaking moments this year than I can count. I’ve wanted to quit on more than one occasion. I’ve had some incredible experiences, and some terrible times. I lost weight initially, and as the project has brought more opportunities I’ve gained weight. I’m currently in the worst shape of my life and I feel like I look like a tub of lard. I don’t feel healthy in the slightest and I know it’s going to take some serious work to get back into some kind of decent shape. But, I’m still relatively young (I can’t believe I turn 28 tomorrow).


Taken in February at one of my worse moment.

The last thing I’ll briefly talk about is 2014… I really don’t know what I’m doing yet. I mean that in more of a professional sense than a personal one. In regards to my next steps – on whether I take on a job, or I take on new clients as a freelancer, or I sign a contract or whatever else may be out there… I really don’t know what I’m going to do. I feel very lost right now! I’m fairly smart, creative, passionate, and pretty much understand the world of social inside and out.

I have functional, advanced or even expert knowledge in everything ranging from WordPress, video/photo editing, content creation, basically all of the social media channels and certainly many more that I just don’t need to list right now. But I still don’t know exactly where I belong in it. It’s a weird place to be and it’s one that’s been on my mind for the last couple months as I see the finish line for this project – with no real answers coming to me easily. So, if you start see me pimping out my resume – if you have a lead, I’d certainly appreciate the push! Haha.


Front page of the Toronto Star, probably one of the best moments. Notice the same shirt? Heh.

Lastly, I just need to take a moment here to thank everyone for their incredible support this year! I have a huge list of people that I want to thank personally, and I will certainly be sending out some personalized emails in the coming weeks… but overall I wanted to thank every company, PR team or rep, marketer, brand or advocate for this project. You have certainly taught me a lot, and in working with you, I’m alive as a result. (Dramatic, but there’s significant truth in it.) And last but not least, every single person who has read the blog this year, interacted online, engaged me in conversation in person, and of course my close friends and family who have been there to give me a boost when I was at my worst, or when I wasn’t sure what the hell I was even doing. I’m very grateful and lucky to have the people around me that I do.

Enough rambling for now, but certainly not the last of it.


On Monday, I had the opportunity to check out and try Parts & Labour’s new burger place to taste their different burgers before they officially launched. As of today, they are now open to the public from 11AM to 11PM daily. Their menu has 7 different burgers on it ranging from the P&L pictures above, to a Castor burger with peameal bacon, to an Italian burger with a lot of spice and a lot more marinara sauce. They also had a vegetarian option called the Big Tempeh that I tasted a bit of – but it wasn’t for me. I like a nice chunk of cow on my burgers!


The burgers are all $9, with exception of a basic no-frills ‘Hamburger’ that was only $8. Additionally, they have a wide variety of sides from french fries to poutine to coleslaw and even a kale caesar salad. Oh, and if you’re in the mood to appease your sweet tooth, they even have a delicious soft serve ice cream. (I should have ordered a milkshake!)

P&L Burger is located at 507 Queen Street West, which is a couple blocks west of Spadina on the south side of the street. You really can’t miss it.


02 Dec 2013

Phillips’ Click & Style Review

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Guys, November is over so you can do away with those mustaches and other unkempt facial hair! I mean, at the end of the day your ghastly facial hair is up to you in what you do with it – but I personally like to keep my face nice and trimmed. I’ve used a fair number of different razors, trimmers and other facial hair weed whackers over the years so when Phillips’ approached me to try their new Click & Style tool, I told them I’d give it a shot but would also be fully honest.


Now, first off the Click & Style has three different heads to it.

  1. A dual rotating smooth face trimmer called “Smooth Face”.
  2. A combed beard trimmer that they call “Perfect Stubble”.
  3. A longer rotating trimmer for body hair called “Groomed Body”.
  4. The kit also includes 3 different length combs, a cleaning brush and a carrying case.

Because I don’t have a beard and imagine I would look terrible in one – I didn’t test out the Perfect Stubble tool. But I did try both the Smooth Face and the Groomed Body attachment.

The Smooth Face attachment advises to shave in either a wet face with shaving foam or you can also shave dry. It does a fairly good job at cleaning up the hairs on my neck and cheeks, but I found that it didn’t work as well on my chin and under my nose. I felt it was a good two step tool to trim longer hairs before taking a razor blade to get even closer. Cleaning it was also very easy as you can shake it out easily. If you let your facial hair grow a little bit too long between shaves, this is a perfect tool to clean you up.

The Groomed Body attachment recommends using a comb – which I did. Now, I did a little bit of manscaping and it worked exceptionally well for that purpose. Very simple to do, takes no time at all, and is just a breeze overall. Again, very easy to clean as well. I had no problems with this as well and give it top marks! If you’re wanting to clean up parts of your body, or for dudes with muscles who do their chest – this thing works wonders.

This really is one of the best tools I’ve had the pleasure of using! As an added bonus, it’s also entirely waterproof which was a real surprise. I’ve used similar tools that didn’t perform as well and weren’t ‘shower safe’, so I was impressed! It’s rechargeable, and has a rapid charging feature where you can plug it in for a few minutes and it will charge sufficiently to get a full shave in. I’ve been using it for over a month now, and have only needed to charge it one time, which gives you an idea of the battery life.

In regards to price, I have personally used inexpensive tools and very expensive ones – and the cost to effectiveness of this one seems pretty accurate. It retails for between $70 and $100 (from the retailers I’ve looked at online). It is the kind of thing that will last a long time! I don’t know for sure if the blades are replaceable, but I imagine you can source them online years down the road!

Overall, I would rate the Phillips Click & Style a Solid B+.

29 Nov 2013

Dell’s Black Friday Safety Tips

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Dell has provided me with ongoing technical support on my computer and I wanted to pass on some valuable information they provided to me for Black Friday/Cyber Monday shopping! (They haven’t paid or provided anything for this, but when I ran into a problem earlier in the year, they immediately helped me remedy the problem! But I legit felt this was valuable information for the audience that has been following along with the project!)

While on the subject of online holiday shopping, it is important for consumers to have a safe and secure online shopping experience – risk-free of cyber criminals. Below are some safety tips to share with your audiences from Dell IT security experts, in order keep the cyber experience safe this holiday season:

  •          Make sure your computer is up-to-date with anti-virus and malware detection software
  •          When buying online, always use a credit card that limits your fraud liability. Avoid using debit cards to prevent fraudulent transactions
  •          Always type the URL of your favourite shopping websites. Don’t use links provided in online ads and emails as they may direct you to bogus websites set by cyber criminals to extract personal information
  •          Be wary of holiday gift cards and coupon offers sent via email. They are often a trap for information-stealing Trojans or provide a backdoor for hackers to collect your personal information
  •          When making online purchases always look for the HTTPS on your browser’s URL window. The S (as opposed to just HTTP) indicates the website has another layer of security
  •          Never open unsolicited emails with links to attachments even from people you know. ALWAYS verify with the sender that he or she actually sent you the email with the link
  •          Never open or respond to emails from your bank (or any financial institution) that ask you to verify or update your banking certificate, password or token. Banks rarely ask customers to update/disclose sensitive information via email. Always check with your bank before taking action
  •          Avoid using weak or default password for any online sites


Enjoy all the Black Friday/Cyber Monday shopping everybody! Please let me know what you ended up buying so I can live vicariously!

25 Nov 2013

Canadian Club Brand Centre Tour Day 1

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I recently had the opportunity to check out the Canadian Club Brand Centre located in Walkerville, Ontario. For those unfamiliar with Walkerville, it’s actually now a “Heritage Precinct” of Windsor, Ontario. Hiram Walker, the founder of Canadian Club chose the found the city of Walkerville with a plan in mind – It would be a model town that the world would come to envy. Hiram Walker’s main ambition though? Club Whisky. Originally producing his first barrel of Club Whisky in 1954 in Detroit, he packed up and moved across the river in large part due to the rising popularity and movement towards prohibition. One of the rules the US set on foreign producers of whisky was that it had to indicate the country of origin – and thus Canadian Club was born in 1858.



That’s all for the history lesson for now. Now, onto the Brand Centre. We arrived in the early afternoon after the long drive from Toronto to be greeted by Tish, the main lady responsible for all things at the Brand Centre. This was a woman who was passionate about her work! Everything she talked about that day was done so with excitement and intrigue. I imagine her jobs is pretty repetitive, but from the way she spoke you couldn’t tell. We were going to be given the all access tour of the brand centre, which included some additional places and spaces that the regular tour did not cover. But first, it was time for a drink!



Throughout the building was historic items including bottles, pictures, and documents. Every year that Canadian Club was produced, they have an original bottle from the batch. Every time the packaging has changed, they have a unit of it. Everytime a cross promotion was done, they have a unit of it. Just the historic value of this alone was wild. They even have some original paperwork dating back over a century during the prohibition era which mentioned throwing someone into the fired ovens. Naturally, when you’re in the business of alcohol during the prohibition era, there’s going to be some questionable activities – but Canadian Club doesn’t shy away from it which I found incredibly refreshing and impressive. You can’t change history only learn from it, so it makes me crazy when people try to sanitize it.



While exploring the Brand Centre, we came upon some pretty interesting things. Well, things that I found interesting anyway. First up was Hiram Walker’s personal cannon.


Jesse Ship found a bottle of Whisky that was well over 100 years old, that surprisingly Tish said we could try if we really wanted to (but that it was probably not very good). So I took a little bit in my glass and had a sip, and sure enough it was Whisky, but it was incredibly harsh and made my throat hurt for a good hour afterwards. Probably not one of the better ideas I’ve had, but alas I wanted to try it. Based on Jesse’s glass, I had about 1/8th of that.


The room where this was found was recently uncovered to have a pool underneath it. A pool that hasn’t been explored yet and despite there being a hatch, we were not allowed to go down into it for fear of what could be down there. I sadly resigned myself on this one.  Plus, I was also promised there was an underground tunnel that we could go down into shortly. And an underground tunnel I did receive. It was formerly a tunnel that went under the Detroit river and connected the Canadian Club building with a US building. It has since then been sealed over, but exploring it was pretty cool!



Other places we got to explore in the Brand Centre included the original speakeasy, along with a look at the grounds which were beautiful. The building alone have been meticulously cared for. Everything from the exterior brick, to the interior tiles was cared for to the point where it looked brand new. The entire experience had been a great one – the combination of learning and drinking was a good one! At least at the Canadian Club brand centre it was. I highly recommend anyone interested in alcohol or history come check out the CC Brand Centre!



With the end of the day, it was off to dinner and then to retire for the evening – another half day of activities were planned for tomorrow including a closer look at production! (While I won’t get into my hate for the hotel we stayed at, that was none of Canadian Club’s fault but rather just the staff/policies of the hotel.)  But all the day two stuff will have to come in a second blog post, as this one is getting pretty wordy! Check back later in the week for Day 2!


Buytopia and Yogurty’s have teamed up to take on their nemesis, winter. Now, right off the top this is a failed strategy because winter is coming whether we like it or not. You see, winter is this thing called a season which is a title given to a period of time that is cold, windy and snowy. It cannot be stopped. Well, maybe it could be stopped but it would require more global warming or perhaps weather control – tangent but I read all about weather control recently and how it’s an ongoing thing, especially in the Pacific. Maybe they should get in touch with that guy and have him redirect some hot air?

Back on topic, this is also a failed strategy because Yogurty’s is actually delicious at all times of the year! It’s not just a treat for summer. Want proof? Here’s an awesome treat – take a big cup of hot chocolate, and scoop any of the following Yogurty’s on top: Amaretto, Caramel Latte, Chocolate, Cookies and Cream, Mint Chocolate, Smores, Snickers or White Chocolate. The combination of hot and cold is great!

But, even if you just want to enjoy Yogurty’s, it’s still a good time! And no better time than with a special deal: Buytopia-Yogurtys

Thanks to Buytopia, I’ll be enjoying some delicious Yogurty’s this weekend!

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